Bayer Family | World’s Fair Pavilion + Forest Park | St. Louis, MO

Last Saturday might have been the last nice day of the year with a high of 66 degrees Fahrenheit! We were so happy to be spending it outdoors at one of our favorite St. Louis parks (Forest Park) doing one of our favorite things - photographing awesome people. We also got to hang out with their pup, Lucy - an obvious bonus because I mean, come on, who doesn't love dogs?! Amanda and Chris we're laughing and having a great time being photographed, probably because they were planning on going to Ted Drewes afterwards to pick out their Christmas tree (and hopefully get frozen custard). This is a yearly tradition for them and I love a good tradition, especially when it involves local gems. Now I am seriously craving a Christy (which is a brownie topped with frozen custard, caramel, and hot fudge for those of you that aren't as well versed in Ted Drewes treats) but mostly I am just very excited to share these images of this sweet family with you all 🙂 Cheers! Ray

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