Jared + David + Seth | The Grove + The Improv Shop | St. Louis, MO

“Never be ashamed of how much you love, or how quickly you fall. Love fully, love completely, but most importantly, love naturally – and don’t you ever apologize for it. Don’t ever be sorry for loving the way your heart knows how.” – D.W.


I’m not sure who D.W. is, but I love this quote and I think that it fits perfectly in this blog. We met Seth, Jared, and David at Ami and Rok’s wedding. We noticed the three of them being affectionate to each other so we decided to approach them. After getting to know them a bit and confirming that they were indeed all dating each other, we felt compelled to offer them a session. We’re so glad we did! We had a blast hanging out in The Grove and hitting up our favorite haunts like Parlor with them. We ended the session at The Improv Shop where they regularly attend classes and perform. 

If this is your first time seeing an alternative relationship structure, we urge you to be open minded and to pay attention to how happy these three are. David, Jared, and Seth have been in this relationship for years now and have faced some obstacles and disapproval, but they love each other and are happy together. We think it’s brave to love so strongly and openly. Love is love, we firmly believe that. 

Regardless of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, or alternative relationship structure – we believe that all love should be celebrated. We’re so grateful to have met these three and to have been able to document their love!