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Kerri + Justin | Herbeck Lake + Busch Stadium | Columbia, IL

Kerri and Justin's Wedding at Herbeck Lake and photography at Busch Stadium by St. Louis Wedding Photographer's North Arrow Creative

They say rain is good luck on your wedding day – and if you do a little research, you learn that the reasoning behind this strange accepted saying is because water makes knots tighter – hence rain when you’re ‘tying the knot’ is a good thing. It may be good luck, but rain during an outdoor ceremony is less than ideal and due to natures lack of ability to stick to a plan, ceremonies are moved indoors or under tents. Despite all of the clouds, Kerri + Justin stuck to their game plan of an outdoor wedding at the beautiful Herbeck Lake and their faith paid off. The rain literally held off until they made their way back down the aisle as a married couple.

After shooting their engagement session and learning of their passion for Cardinals baseball, it was only fitting to head towards Busch Stadium for shots of them and their wedding party. The wedding party’s enthusiasm was brought back to Turner Hall in Columbia, IL where Kerri and her friends and family worked tirelessly to decorate the space in preparation for the wedding reception. After all of my years shooting, I have never seen Turner Hall look this nice. The amount of thought and effort really showed. The rest of the night was a joy to capture as the dance floor was constantly occupied with smiling faces and warm embraces. Thank you Kerri and Justin for letting us be a part of your day and we wish you both many years of happiness! 

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