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Kirsten + Jamie | Creve Coeur Lake + Westport Social | St. Louis, MO

We didn't know what to expect when we headed out to Creve Coeur Lake to meet up with Kirsten and Jamie for their engagement session. We hadn't actually physically met or verbally talked with them before the session since Jamie is active duty army and they live in Indiana, so we were a little nervous! 'Will they like us? Do we look okay? Wait - we're the one's shooting! We got this!' The light fretting was completely unnecessary - we all hit it off and were making jokes quickly. After hanging out in the blazing sun for some romantic beach type photos, we made our way to our newest favorite watering hole, Westport Social, for a couple of beers and games! Once we got enough shots of Kirsten stomping Jamie in pretty much every game they played ;) we got to hang out more intimately and share a round before they headed home. Our discussions were all over the place. We talked about everything from military life to retail management (Kirsten's job) to sleep paralysis... specifically to how some people say sleep paralysis is caused by a spirit sitting on your chest... aka "being hagged". We laughed pretty hard at that but I definitely slept with a Disney movie on that night. We are super excited about this couple's wedding day and being able to document it!

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