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Mollie + Curtis | Schlafly Bottleworks + Forest Park

Mollie and Curtis's engagement photography session with their dog at Forest Park and Schlafly Bottle Works in Maplewood, Missouri by St. Louis Wedding Photographer North Arrow Creative

When we met up with Mollie and Curtis, we could tell we liked them right away just based off of their beer selections. It was a great time getting to know them and hearing their quirky first encounter story that before we knew it, we had all been talking for over two hours. We were, simply put, smitten with this couple and were ecstatic when we got the confirmation that we would be documenting their wedding day.

Mollie and Curtis have a lot in common and their energy together is playful and effortless. They had an offbeat first encounter at a Halloween party after being introduced by a mutual friend. Signals got crossed but they would run into each other – almost literally – just two weeks later while both were hiking at Chubb Trail. Mollie was with her dog, Remi when Curtis noticed her but couldn’t seem to muster the bravado to stop her in the moment. Instead, he decided to Facebook message her later that evening, which they both merrily joked about at our meetup. Their first date was at Schlafly Bottleworks and the rest, as they say, is history.

We loved the stories of their first few dates so much that we decided to play off of them for their engagement photos. We started at Schlafly Bottleworks where the two flirted and enjoyed a couple of drinks at the bar. We definitely felt like paparazzi but they hardly seemed to notice as they both were captivated with each other. We high-fived and then headed out to a hiking trail with Remi just in time for golden hour. We will let the images and video take it from there!

We loved photographing and filming this Schlafly Bottleworks engagement session and are excited for the big day on October 20th of this year!

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