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Natasha + Aro | City Gardens + Busch Stadium | St. Louis, MO

It’s cold outside but when I look through Natasha and Aro’s engagement photos, I feel all warm and cozy!

We started their engagement session at City Gardens in Downtown St. Louis with a quick stroll with their dogs. As you can see, they got a little ahead of their owners, but the result was an adorable St. Louis version of the iconic scene from the Disney classic 101 Dalmations. You know, the one where Pongo becomes enamored with Perdita in the park and is determined to introduce their owners, Roger and Anita, by entangling them with their leashes. If you’ve forgotten this scene, you can watch it here.

Life is crazy and messy and fast but I believe the trick is to embrace the chaos together. I believe that’s exactly what Natasha and Aro have done. They both have very busy jobs but they have intertwined their lives with each other and are enjoying the ride. They share many things together such as their love for their pets, walking together through St. Louis parks, taking joyrides in their custom Camaro, and going to St. Louis Cardinals baseball and Blues hockey games.

We did our best to showcase Natasha and Aro’s shared passions in their engagement session! You can check out their images of them being cozy in the park, posing with their sweet ride, and representing their favorite teams at Busch Stadium above!

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