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Portrait Guide | What to Wear

We know that choosing outfits for a portrait session can be an overwhelming task, but fear not – we’re here to help! We want to provide our clients with the best possible artwork and we also want them to have FUN during the session, so we encourage planning to eliminate stress and to make sure you look and feel your best during your session!

We’re not going to tell you that anything is off limits because we believe that a person’s style is part of what makes them unique. Besides, rules are boring and YOU are NOT boring! Having said that, we are going to give you a few tips to make the planning process easier so that you can show up for your photo session ready to shine like the star you are!

Tip #1 | Plan

We know you have a lot to juggle, but taking time out to plan ahead will relieve stress. Waiting until the last minute can cause unnecessary chaos and panic – so try to start envisioning what will be worn a week or so in advance! As you gather your outfits, lay them out and take a picture of them to see how they look and flow! Have all of your outfits and accessories together in a designated spot the night before your session. Try to remove as much lint/hair/wrinkles from your clothing before the session as possible and consider bringing along a lint-roller or steamer if necessary. If you plan on having your hair or nails done before your session, give yourself a few hours of buffer time in case any appointments run longer than expected! (it happens!)

Tip #2 | Variety

We typically suggest that our clients bring 2-3 different outfits that they love. Variety is the spice of life. Consider having one outfit that is more casual, one outfit that is dressy, and a wildcard. If you have a favorite sports team, consider a jersey for your wildcard outfit. If you love a trend, this can also be a fun wildcard option. Consider how comfortable you will be in each outfit – make sure your clothing fits  and that you feel confident in it! 

Tip #3 | Texture

We love the textures and layers in the scenery that we choose for portrait sessions and the same goes for clothing. Textures can add more depth, warmth, and character to photos and can also help add some separation and interest. Some great textures are: knits, flannel, lace, tweed, leather, denim, denim, and tulle.

Tip #4 | Accessories + Props

Accessories are fun and can add personality, and props that coincide with a theme or location really makes everything tie together. Hats, necklaces, headbands, suspenders… these great ways showing off your unique style and can tie outfits together as well. Roller blades and ice cream cones can set the scene for the summer session. Coffee and blankets for a fall session create feeling of warmth. Props help paint a more complete picture, can keep things from being too pose-y, and can also make sessions more enjoyable!

Tip #5 | Professional Hair + Makeup

Treat yourself before your portrait session to having your makeup and/or hair professionally done! It’s a great way to help make sure you look your best and feel confident before your session! We have a few favorite Makeup and Hair artists that we can recommend you to, so you can find someone to fit your personal style and budget. 


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