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Stephanie + Phil | Tower Grove + Urban Chestnut Brewery

Hayley and Jordan's engagement photography session at The Contemporary Art Museum and Pulitzer Art Museum by St. Louis Wedding Photographers North Arrow Creative

We were lucky enough to hang out with two amazing individuals this past Saturday. They invited us into their home which they have meticulously renovated over the years.  The session started with a fresh cup of coffee – as we feel every session should. They shared stories of their travels and various passions as Stephanie cooked breakfast paella while Phil brewed the coffee.

We then moved to the third story of their South City home to capture the latest phase of their renovation. The session was spent discussing beer, genetics, and many other fascinating topics as we visited two of their favorite spots in St Louis, Tower Grove Park and Urban Chestnut Brewery! The session ended with a celebratory drink – as we feel every session should.

We loved every minute with these two and we wish them many years of happiness! Cheers to Stephanie and Phil!

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