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What to Wear | Boudoir Style Guide

There are soooo many types of lingerie that it’s easy to become overwhelmed, so I’m here to help! I have created a shoppable boudoir style guide on Pinterest for visual aid, inspiration, and for actual product purchasing. Please check it out and create an inspiration board of your own for your boudoir session and feel free it share it with me! 

Boudoir Style Pinterest Board

I’m going to cover a few different types of lingerie as well as give some ideas on what to bring to your boudoir session. Remember that confidence is key – so ultimately, pick lingerie that makes YOU FEEL GOOD!

Bra + Panty Sets

Debatably the most popular type of lingerie is the bra and panty set.  Underwear and bras are basics, but what sets this look apart is the material and cut. Think lace, satin, and velvet. Think sheer and provocative. Underwire lace long-line bras are super sexy and show just the right amount putting it all on display, plus the structure of the wiring will slightly lift and shape your breasts. Avoid anything overly padded, because as soon as you lay down on your back you are going to have a gap. It’s never a bad idea to get fitted for your bras! High-cut bottoms are very on-trend at the moment and will make your legs look much longer and also will make your butt look fantastic! High-waist bottoms are also on-trend and give a nod to retro femininity. High-waisted bottoms also help create curve by drawing attention towards the most narrow part of your waist. Thongs and cheeky bottoms will make your butt look more curvy. 

Babydolls vs Slips & Chemises

We all have our favorite parts of our body… and we have our not-so-favorite parts. We’re human.

I strongly recommend AVOIDING babydoll lingerie AT ALL COST. You might be thinking “but it’s super frilly and feminine and it hides my tummy” but you’d be wrong – it will only make the midsection look bigger than it is by adding volume. I would opt for a more form-fitting slip or chemise, which will flatter your curves and give you a more defined waist. For more information on what the differences are between these three garment types, click here!

Corsets + Bustiers

Corsets and bustiers are both excellent options for smoothing and slimming the waist and also are classic examples of lingerie. The only difference between the two is that bustiers are meant to “boost” the breasts. When utilizing either of these, be sure that the length of the corset/bustiers are long enough to come down to the panty line to avoid love handles. 

Bodysuits + Teddies

This is probably my all-time favorite kind of lingerie – perhaps it stems for my complete obsession with rompers and jumpsuits… *shoulder shrug*

There are so many different styles of these and they can show as much or as little skin as you want. I highly recommend shopping for these at stores such as Amazon, because you can find a TON of options for cheap! Buy a few, try them on (with underwear, obvious) and see what you like the most and return what doesn’t suit you. Bonus pro-tip – some of these can be worn as clothing under jeans and with a cute jacket! Talk about getting your money’s worth. 

Robes, Kimonos, Sweaters, OH MY!


Tease the camera by adding a lacey robe, a shimmery kimono, a baggy cardigan that pools around you, or even toss on a badass leather or denim jacket. It’s fun to add these accessories into your session and there’s so many poses you can do with these props. You can even choose to go topless with one of these – the possibilities are truly endless. 

Less isn’t always more.


Stockings + Thigh Highs

Another lingerie staple is the thigh-high stocking. These are very sexy and are fun to photograph being put on. There’s tons of options – sheer, fishnet, the kind with the line down the back (classic Secretary vibes) and lace top. There are the kind that stay up on their own and the kind that need to be held up by a garter belt! You can find these at your local drugstore if you’re in a rush.

Other Things to Consider Bringing

Something of Your Significant Others

… or of yours. Some examples would be a favorite shirt (button-up, band tee, sports jersey), something that represents your personality (if you love Star Wars, maybe a shirt for example!), a hat, etc.


Shoes – think heels + boots! 


Boudoir doesn’t have to just be about lingerie – somethings a dress that makes you feel sexy or elegant is a great way to warm up at the start the session and will provide you with a greater variety of images that you will love!

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