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Alexandra + Johnny | At Home + Frisco Barroom | St. Louis, MO

We were inspired when we read over Alexandra and Johnny’s Introductions Questionnaire​ we send to all new clients​. They love going to local bars and restaurants almost as much as they love staying in ​and ​making ‘pallets on the living room floor and watching movies’ all day with their pets. We knew that this would be the centerpiece of their engagement session.

We were so enamored by their South City home, with their two curious cats pacing the hardwood floors and their custom made industrial shelves full of beautiful books and art. They truly have made their house a cozy (and aesthetically pleasing) home and we can’t blame them for wanting to stay in together! As nice as it was to grab a fancy drink with Alexandra and Johnny at The Frisco Barroom, we preferred hanging out with them in their home and talking to them about their favorite movies while they ​treated us ​to ​craft cocktails.

We love that this engagement session shows what a typical Saturday spent together might look like for them and we love how intimate and special the images of them in their home ​turned out! We can’t wait to document their wedding day on March 28th, 2020, and are excited to have made some cool new friends!

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